American Water Heaters in Johnson City TN made a water heater with a 12 year guarantee at a cost of nearly $600 when purchased from Lowe's in Abingdon VA. I was informed to have the T&P valve replaced, well I had two more T & P valves installed at a cost of $150. It still leaked. I was then told by American Water Heaters the leak was because I needed an expansion tank added to the water heater to reduce pressure. Two plumbers, over $200 more the expansion tank was installed. The water heater was still leaking from the pressure relief valve. American Water Heater said to contact Lowe's since I purchased it there. I asked about the 12 year guarantee and was told if anythings wrong Lowe's would give me the part to fix it. I contacted Lowe's and was referred to American Water Heaters. The plumber returned, checked the water pressure valve coming into the house and replaced it since it looked old.

That fixed the problem and I wrote a letter to Lowe's and American Water Heater about the problem and the expense. Lowe's stood up and returned part of the money I was out and explained a cheap water heater should last 12 years. American did not reply so I am PISSED. I would suggest buying a cheap water heater from Lowe's but not an American Water Heater product as I feel they want your business but that's all.


Monetary Loss: $250.

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